Agglico Consulting works with the world’s leading airlines, airports, hotels, and hospitality and tourism companies to enhance their strategic positioning and drive improved business performance. image2Combining deep industry knowledge with consumer research and rigorous analysis, we provide clients with the insights required to make confident and fact-based decisions in the midst of market uncertainty.

We help our clients fundamentally transform the economics of their respective industries. Whether it’s introducing ancillary revenues (merchandising), extracting greater financial benefit from loyalty programs, dramatically increasing non-aeronautical revenues at airports, privatizing airports or transforming the customer experience at hotels, our work fundamentally changes industries for the better.

The positive performance of our airline clients and successful transportation practice has deep expertise roots and a broad understanding of today’s industry challenges. Agglico and its network of aviation experts have completed hundreds of projects to improve performance for passenger transportation companies from all major global markets. iconsThe advent of big data technologies is impacting companies in all industries. But in the $743 billion global airline industry, big data analytics is increasingly the difference between successful airlines and those who struggle to prosper in an increasingly competitive field.

The benefits of a data-focused approach may be easy to understand, but execution is another matter entirely. For most airlines, the first problem lies in bringing together all sorts of disparate silos of passenger information, booking information from transaction systems, web and mobile behavior (including searches, visits, abandoned carts), email data, customer service info to create a single, consolidated view of the customer.

It’s not enough to just collect and store a lot of information; it’s what you do with the insights and learnings from that data that have real, measurable impacts on a business.