TeleHealth and Healthcare as a Service

Private models of healthcare as a service offerings serving patients directly will be increasingly viable. While no business model has won the race to deliver telemedicine at scale in Africa, some promising experiments suggest what’s possible. Agglico uses data, experience and judgment to reduce the inherent uncertainty of resource-allocation decisions. Weslate7short combine significant cumulative healthcare experience with our applied customized analysis to provide actionable recommendations. Our partners are actively engaged and remain active in the day-to-day work with clients. We invest partner time and targeted research into our healthcare practice, and will continue to invest ahead of client needs.


Agglico Health works with a wide variety of healthcare and life sciences clients to discern innovative solutions that optimize performance in the short term and prepare for future strategic, operational, financial and legal challenges. We provide a one-company team of experts across the spectrum of healthcare disciplines. These professionals have specialized capabilities and a record of success across hospital operations and restructuring, healthcare economics, and stakeholder engagement and communications.

From the simplest to the most complex of events, our products are designed for mobile connected care, for personal survival, for clinical or senior care, for comprehensive management of public safety, disaster and combat operations.


healthcare-predictive-analyticsThe linchpin of our model for healthcare data management is a world-class telehealth platform, which can be tailored to integrate existing data repositories, creating a central source of information.

Our telemedicine platform can also contribute to and use public sources of information, such as HealthMap, ProMED, WHO data, GeoSentinel. It can integrate non-health sources of data to discover unexpected correlations.Our platform provides a simple interface for humans to analyze data in a myriad of ways, but the biggest benefit to using our solution is in automated predictive analytics. The system can be configured to automatically analyze data in real-time using flexible statistical models to predict future trends with minimal new data.